Friday, December 19, 2008

Eric Fennell Checks In

Posted by Mark Messimer on behalf of Eric.

Glad to hear about Uncle Hal and Aunt Lucy. All is well down here in Bakersfield. I am still working as the Senior Deputy in the Kern County Sheriff's Office Rural Crime Investigation Unit and have the collateral duty as a Homicide Investigator on the Homicide Call-out Rotation Team.

I will have a total of 28 years on in February and if my health allows, I will stay with it until I decide to work on one of the ranches taking care of the coyote problems, mending fences and doing my best to put Coors Light and Skoal out of business by drinking and dipping my share. I do all the livestock investigations for the county and drive around in an F-250 on the beautiful ranches here in Kern

Katelyn, 18 years old, is attending Bakersfield College and working part-time at one of the local schools. Vicki, Kate's mom, is still working as a
Deputy Coroner Investigator with our department.

Aaron & Kyle, 11 years old, are in the 5th grade and just finished an undefeated tackle football season. I have coached them the last two years and we have had two League Championship seasons. They both played wide receiver and defensive cornerback this season. A big change for them from playing defensive end and linebacker last season.

Aaron is playing the clarinet in the school orchestra. Aaron wants to be a professional football player and he probably will.

Kyle was playing the cello but he recently became a free lance musician as a result of playing "Smoke On The Water" one two many times during practice. Yes, I taught him how to play that song on his cello soI will take a little of the blame. Kyle wants to be a Marine then a Deputy Sheriff. He is one tough kid and most likely will do both. He loves to swim and looks just like Corky did at that age. Aaron and Kyle were born on Aunt Maxine's birthday so I know they were a blessing. Aaron & Kyle's mom, Terry, is doing well and attending Cal State Bakersfield. Aaron and Kyle both love spending time with cousin Jeanie and now that she is retired she can spend more time with them, You Hear That Jeanie!!!!!!!

Mom and Dad are both doing fine. Kevin is keeping busy here in town and still traveling around to the car and boat races. I hope to spend sometime with them during the holidays. Denise is still in the Santa Barbara area. Andrianna
graduated from USC and Dante is doing quite well in school.

Damien is in the Air Force in lands unknown. He is Air Force Special Operations and his assignments are classified. He is a door gunner on a C-130 Gunship and works closely with
Army Rangers, SEALS, and Marine Recon Units. I think he might be in Afghanistan wishing the locals Merry Christmas from up above. I speak with him every now and then and I am proud of him. He showed up at one of the boys football games.

Please keep him in your prayers and pray that he returns safely.

I don't know if you are aware but a few months ago, a couple of bonehead thugs started a fire and burned down most of Nana's house and three others on Kentucky Street. I drove by that night and it made me cry.

I have a lot of good memories at that house. I tried to hunt down the little idiots but someone got them before I did, which is probably good.

I do miss Nana's tortillas, bologna sandwiches and Nilla wafers. She would always take me down to Ted's on Baker Street. I know she is cooking up in Heaven and there are plenty of angels standing on her cloud.

Well got to run up to Tejon Ranch, I wish everyone in the entire family Happy Holidays.

Love ya all,


Franz Snideman said...

Mark, thanks for starting the blog! What a great idea and what a great way to learn about each other, keep in touch and remember how BLESSED we were to have NANA in our lives!!! I sure do miss her!!!!!

Hello Eric, and Hello to the rest of the family!

Eric sounds like life is well for you and your family!

I am well and am enjoying being a father. We had our daughter Marianna a year ago as she turns 1 year old December 29th. What a blesisng it is to have a child :)

Mark, I will send you a blogpost about the Snideman family, Sarah and others to put up on the blog along with some pics of Marianna in the days to come!

God Bless and Merry Christmas to all!

Mark Messimer said...

Looking forward to catching up. being a daughter's dad can be so rewarding, frustrating (ages 11 to 16), and such a blessing. Welcome to the club.