Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Greetings from New Mexico

Hola Familia,
Just a quick note. My names Anna.
I'm grand daughter to Felicia or Aunt Fini.
and more importantly daughter to Peewee, no thats not her real name lol.
Not many people know her by her real name, Anita. Shes going to kill me if she finds out that I put Peewee :D
Grandma is doing well, My Grandpa is struggling with a lung infection, but that won't keep him down. He's up watering and fixing things.
My son Tommy is doing excellent. He turns 5 months old tomorrow.
Eric is doing well, working on the train.
I thought I'd drop a line and say Hi.
I'm off to clean the kitchen, finish my laundry and wash bottles...

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Mark Messimer said...

Hi Anna,

Thanks for joining us and helping us understand where you sit on the family tree.
Fini and Carlos are my uncle and aunt. Fini is my mom's sister.
What a cute little guy Tommy is. Christmas should be a blast for you this year.

Best Wishes,
Mark in Felton, CA