Friday, November 28, 2008

my life

Hey everyone!
well im just gonna start off by saying the picture my father posted of me was bad so heres a better one [=
my life has been going great. From just school to hanging out with friends. just a heads up, my volleyball season is coming up, so if anyone wants to come see me play you can just email me at i should be starting in a couple months so im excited about that! like my dad said yes i am very social. my friends come over almost every weekend and we have a blast!
this picture is of me and a couple of my friends on topsey turby day at our school. this day is just pretty much a spirit day where girls dress up as guys and guys dress up as girls[=
these r only a couple of my friends. latley i have been just hung up on school and hanging with friends. right now i am doing well in school [= i got on honor roll for the first quarter and i hope to stay on it.
every quarter we have different alectives, my first elective was spanish! i did pretty well but ended up with a C in the class.. the teacher said i talked to much.. OPPS [=
but my latest elective is drama. so far im doing well. our first assinment was a mime, im pretty sure i aced it!
well thats my life so far

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