Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chuck Salas checking in...

Greetings to all Lopez-clan Bloggers, and their non-blogging family members. I am not a Blogger, but after receiving the invite, felt compelled to give it a shot.

All is well with the Salas clan here in SD. Everybody is healthy and the family is well.
Recent news?
Maria's daughters just took first place CIF for doubles in tennis. Elena is a Jr and Sophia is a freshman. They are terrific kids and they acquired Maria's competitive gene.
Charlene (my wife) and I have two in college. Greg is in his first yr at Cal Poly - SLO. Brit is in her second yr at UCSB. My two older ones are married (no kids yet) and we still have one in high school.
Our photo of Nana sets above the tv and I reflect often upon our quiet Matriarch.
And yes, it is all too often that we talk, let alone see one and other. I speak to Cousin Chuck about biz and ask after the clan, but it is indeed a weak substitute for a shared smile, memory and adult beverage.
Greetings to all.

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